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Grand Finals results – Mazel tov to our Womens’ Teams!

AAW2 Team

AAW2 won 4-2 v Lokomotiv

AAW3 won 7-2 v Dunbar

AAW4 lost 3-2 v Lokomotiv


AAW2 Report – By Peter Kriesler

The Maccabi v Lokomotiv Cove grand final saw a fitting end to the season long rivalry between the two teams, with Maccabi triumphing 4-2 in a spectacular show of team work and determination.

Despite rainclouds threatening to pour and a first goal disallowed, Maccabi stayed resilient, matching their opponents in speed and strength to keep the majority of the possession. A free kick allowed Loko to pull ahead, however Carly Vinokur managed to equalise almost immediately following a well taken free kick from Rebecca Kriesler.

The rest of the half saw Maccabi maintain the score through strategic defence from centre backs Erin Miller and Rebecca, supported by powerhouses Claudia Lowy, Beth Israelson, Kayla Fleischer and Lauren Broit, denying the opposition any chances. In midfield Sophie Weisz, Jennifer Shkolnik and Gabi Katz maintained control of the centre of the park, remaining cool, calm and collected despite their strong opposition.

They were assisted by the highly capable Miriam Charak, Arielle Hochberg, Megan Oshry and Jaimie Tassie, who were constant reinforcement against the unwavering opposition.   In attack Carly continued to pose a threat aided by Jessie Goldberg and Georgia Cohen, keeping the goalie on her toes with their intimidating strikes. The second half saw a lucky goal for the opposition, but again Maccabi retaliated with Carly scoring another fantastic goal from Gabi’s perfectly placed corner. With the score tied up and time running out, Maccabi earned another free kick providing the ideal chance to pull ahead. The crowd went wild as Rebecca smashed the ball into the net to secure the lead, while Carly skilfully pulled free of the opposition after a pass from Jen to consolidate the score with a third terrific goal, marking her hat-trick. With Maccabi now safely in the lead 4-2 and Ariella Weiner relentless and infallible in goals, they achieved a fitting end to their outstanding season winning the ESFA Cup,  the minor premiership and the grand final thanks to the leadership of their coach Tony Dunn and captain Sophie.

AAW3 Report – By Julie Rosenberg

Maccabi Women’s Div 3 won their game 7 – 2 v Dunbar Rovers.

Goal scorers: Gaby Rosenberg (3), Leigh Gordon, Ella Werman, Nicky Zwalen, Jaye Mallinick.

Score at half time was 2 –1 up.

The girls were undefeated the whole season and were 10 points clear of the next team on the ladder at the end of the season.
They will now go on to play in the Champion of Champions U21 competition.

AAW4 Report – By David Lewis

AAW4The AAW4 team suffered a disappointing loss 3-2 to Lokomotiv Cove in their Grand Final on Sunday. After achieving their third consecutive League Championship between 2012-1014, this time in Division 4 by a clear 5 points, a grand final loss was not expected.

However the big pitch and far younger opposition proved a bridge too far for this outstanding team of mothers. To put the achievement of the AAW4s in perspective, we boast 37 children aged 0-18 as our ‘supporters’, whilst our opposition on the day boast zero. Of course it was their tender years that was reason for their absence of progeny – all were under 30!
The AAW4s led 2-0 after 43 minutes following an outstanding display and goals by Denise Wright and Sil Robertson. We were in total control. A late first half goal to Loko signalled their resurgence and, sadly, our girls simply ran out of legs against the youngsters.

A superb season in which we scored 55 goals and conceded a mere 14 deserved a Grand Final win. Any team can lose a single match and, of course, the real prize is the League Championship! All three Maccabi Womens’ teams achieved that remarkable status.

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